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Daylight is needed for the solar panels of landed spacecraft.

Its temperature rises and falls rapidly at sunrise and sunset because Mars does not have the Earth's thick atmosphere and oceans that buffer such fluctuations.

The definition of the Martian prime meridian has since been refined on the basis of spacecraft imagery as the center of the crater Airy-0 in Terra Meridiani.

The name "MTC" is intended to parallel the Terran Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but this is somewhat misleading: what distinguishes UTC from other forms of UT is its leap seconds, but MTC does not use any such scheme. Use of the term "MTC" as the name of a planetary standard time for Mars first appeared in the Mars24 sunclock coded by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

For the Mars Pathfinder, Mars Exploration Rover, Phoenix, and Mars Science Laboratory missions, the operations team has worked on "Mars time", with a work schedule synchronized to the local time at the landing site on Mars, rather than the Earth day.

This results in the crew's schedule sliding approximately 40 minutes later in Earth time each day.

These include a metric time schema, with "millidays" and "centidays", and an extended day which uses standard units but which counts to As on Earth, on Mars there is also an equation of time that represents the difference between sundial time and uniform (clock) time.

The prime meridian was first proposed by German astronomers Wilhelm Beer and Johann Heinrich Mädler in 1830 as marked by the fork in the albedo feature later named Sinus Meridiani by Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli.

This convention was readily adopted by the astronomical community, the result being that Mars had a universally accepted prime meridian half a century before the International Meridian Conference of 1884 established one for Earth.

(The two Mars Exploration Rovers happen to be approximately 12 hours and one minute apart.) Note that the modern standard for measuring longitude on Mars is "planetocentric longitude", which is measured from 0°–360° East and measures angles from the center of Mars.

The older "planetographic longitude" was measured from 0°–360° West and used coordinates mapped onto the surface.

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You're free from the limited selection of your high school and hometown.

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So if you want to have a serious relationship with someone who is Asian (or African, or Middle Eastern, or Kryptonian - honestly, these tips will help any couple with a case of Culture Shock Love). Meet their friends first, before you meet their family members. Find the things you have in common - sports you both do, activities you both, a love of art / art galleries, and build upon that connection.

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The currency is called Rays, which can be traded for goods and services in the community.

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And if that person is a man, then look for someone who makes you laugh before you seek out someone who is taller than you.

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Gosetsu Hailing from the Far Eastern land of Doma, Gosetsu has long served Doma and her sovereign, and fought valiantly to defend them from the Garlean Empire twenty-five years ago.

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